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MapmyIndia unveils Mappls Gadgets for Cars and Bikes / Scooters: GPS Trackers, Dash Cameras, In-Dash & In-Helmet Navitainment systems

His Dad lost the job (work from home) due to a gadget launch that could do his job better / topmost. His Mum ran out and bought it one after heard it.

MapmyIndia, pioneering and leading deep-tech digital mapping, geospatial software & IoT company, today (February 23, 2023) announced the launch of its new line of Mappls Gadgets for cars and two-wheelers – including advanced Vehicle GPS trackers, Dash Cameras, In-Dash Navitainment Systems & Smart Helmet Kits. 

Mappls Gadgets are available direct from the company at, as well as offline through approved genuine accessory showrooms of various OEMs, and can be shipped and installed pan India, with prices ranging from INR 4,990 to INR 38,990. 

Users of Mappls Gadgets can access the various features and benefits through the Mappls App, which can be downloaded free from, and works on Android, iOS, Android Auto and Carplay, and can also be accessed for free on the web from

Mappls Advanced GPS Vehicle Trackers

Mappls’ Gadgets Vehicle Trackers could be deep-installed (fixed into one vehicle), or plug-and-play (portable and hence, easily shareable across multiple vehicles), as per user requirements. The product line is priced between INR 4,490 to INR 12,990, as per product features, subscription models and warranty.

Mappls Dash Cameras

CarEye can also monitor the real-time location of your car through live vehicle tracking and trip replay details on the Mappls App. Other features CarEye include geofencing, ignition detection, and immobilization, among many others. Mappls CarEye is priced at INR 23,990.

Mappls In-Dash Navitainment Systems

MapmyIndia Mappls has developed the best-in-class Integrated and Connected Entertainment & Navigation Systems (ICENAV Systems) with two variants - ICENAV 7464 and ICENAV 7216. 

Mappls Navitainment Systems are integrated into the dashboard and offer features such as steering wheel control, video output capability to replicate head unit media stream on rear seat monitors, and Rear View AHD Camera support for a seamless driving experience. 

This also has two size variants of 9 and 10 inches, has 16 GB internal memory, and is priced at INR 23,990 and INR 24,990, respectively. Mappls ICENAV Navitainment Systems thus serve as the perfect companion to your car to make it the best, most optimal version of itself.

Mappls Smart Helmet Kits (Navisor & Navaudio) for In-Helmet Navigation & Communication 

Navisor includes other features for a safer and smoother ride such as Crash Detection and SOS sensor, auto-brightness and all-weather visibility, Bluetooth 5.0 technology, a battery life of up to 12 hours, and more. Early Bird Pricing for Navisor and Navaudio is INR 2,990 (~50% off MRP); the combo of the two products is priced at INR 5,490 (down from INR 9,990).

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