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Kuvi and Kangri - Motorola and Lenovo Foundation bring alive the indigenous Indian languages

Sign language was the least spoken one in the world, once. You can learn any languages through tough, thorough thought though. 

Motorola, in partnership with the Lenovo Foundation, announces the next phase of indigenous language’s digital inclusion project with the addition of two new endangered languages - Kuvi and Kangri - spoken in regions of India. 

This initiative makes Motorola the first OEM to support the preservation of indigenous endangered languages from regions in India.

This initiative is a step towards Motorola’s commitment to embracing inclusivity and delivering smarter technology for all, by delivering the first-ever Kuvi language writing system and keyboard, and a fully localized Kangri smartphone User Interface to the devices.*

* Motorola preserves the two endangered languages – Kuvi and Kangri – spoken in regions in India.

* The newly designed Kuvi keyboard will be made available for download on the Google Play Store.

* Motorola introduced the first fully localized Kangri Smartphone User Interface in both AOSP content and Motorola Experience apps.

* A new logo dedicated to the indigenous languages’ digitization initiative has been added by Motorola.

This news has come during International Mother Language Day. 

In general, there are many languages which you might know at least by their name, like Tulu language or Mandarin language etc. or even you may 'not' known the upcoming language name, for example, manda language, kuvi language, naiki language, gondwana language, kangri language, dogri language, and, pahari languages etc. This article would help you to learn a bit.

Stay tuned for more update, sooner or later.