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How to recover Deleted post from Instagram

Would you like to know how to retrieve deleted post from Instagram or restore content you've deleted from your Instagram account? If yes, read this article for its steps to get back the post that you are looking for.

Instagram is very important App for many personal and professional users to convey their info to the world through photos or videos etc.

We sometime delete the posted photo or video with or without knowledge and looking to get it back at any cost. But don't know how to get them back except trying to search here and there. So, we have given you the official info to recover the photo or video posted then deleted from your account.

If you don’t see the content you’d like to restore in Recently deleted, the content may be older than 30 days or 24 hours for Stories.

In case if you would like to know how to recover deleted Instagram posts from years ago, or recover deleted Instagram account within 30 days, or how to see deleted Instagram posts 2022, or how to recover deleted Instagram posts on iPhone, or how to restore deleted Instagram story, or recently deleted Instagram posts, recently deleted Instagram story, Instagram deleted posts archive etc., then follow the above steps to get them back. If it is really old post then hard to recover it back. 

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