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Samsung Curd Maestro Refrigerators with 673L, 692L, and 845L with Home Bar

Samsung, expanded (on March 23, 2021) its proprietary Curd Maestro™ technology to its large capacity refrigerators, including the IoT-enabled Family Hub™, SpaceMax™ Side-by-Side refrigerators, building on strong demand for the Curd Maestro range of refrigerators that were launched last year.

Curd Maestro™, the world’s first refrigerators that can make curd and address the pain points of daily curd making, will now be available in 673 litre premium Curd Maestro™ Family Hub™ refrigerator and also in 692 litre SpaceMax™ series.

Besides taking the usage of refrigerators from food preservation to food preparation, IoT features in the Curd Maestro™ Family Hub™ allow you to customize your curd preparation settings through the Smart Things App, anywhere and anytime.

These premium refrigerators are designed to lend a classy look to your kitchen while transforming it into a connected fun zone for the whole family.

Additionally, as a part of its 2021 line-up, Samsung has also introduced a large capacity 845 litre Side-by-Side refrigerator. Built to address consumer need for extra storage space, this refrigerator also comes with a Home Bar feature.

The sleek small window of the Home Bar, when gently tapped, provides convenient access to beverages placed inside, resulting in energy savings.