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Konica Minolta monochrome printers' launch and features

Konica Minolta India launches new range with four colour and three monochrome models of printers on 16th March 2021. Konica designed them for modern printing needs.

The latest printing solutions provide greater flexibility, productivity, efficiency, safety and security while also being cost-effective at the same time.

As India makes inroads to the digital ecosystem from every aspect, organizations must adapt to the changes that evolving technologies bring to the table, especially when it comes to making operations more efficient. 

In sync with this vision, Konica Minolta, a leader in world-class printing technology, has launched a series of color and monochrome multi-function printers.

The colour range includes bizhub C226i, bizhub C227i, bizhub C266i and bizhub C287i. In monochrome the range includes model bizhub 450i, bizhub 550i, and bizhub 650i. 

These printers not only ensure quick response and high-performance operations, but they also offer greater flexibility, and excellent print quality backed by optimum security and safety at the same time. 

The launch underlines Konica Minolta’s commitment to supporting and strengthening India’s digital transformation, helping companies to perform well and adjust to the new world order without any hassles.

If you are looking for the latest monochrome printers then these are one of the option that you can go with.

bizhub C226i / C266i

Designed with the modern workplace needs in mind, these printers can fit even in the smallest corner of the office without taking much space. 

It also features smooth mobile printing that enables users to operate the device using a mobile and meet all their documentation needs within seconds, with instant access from any location. 

Smart cloud service is another feature that makes these devices highly flexible and productive.

bizhub C227i / C287i

Created for small-to-mid office needs, these machines come packed with multi-touch sensitivity and intuitive operability, which helps connect people, places and devices safely and swiftly. 

The solution ensures ease of operation by minimizing frequently-used functions and screen transitions. 

Adding to this is virus scanning feature that offers in-depth virus detection to uncover malicious activities in the network, thus preventing dissemination of infected files in the process.

bizhub 650i / 550i / 450i

These monochrome printers come with a modern design and ensure easy operation just like their color counterparts. They feature an enhanced user interface that enables users to perform faster with fewer keystrokes. 

Moreover, all the new models under the i-Series offer higher performance with lower energy consumption, self-diagnosis features, and robust security against external threats.

Stay tuned for more updates.