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Voltas presents its 2021 range of Maha-Adjustable Inverter AC, Cooling Products and Home Appliances

Voltas, India’s undisputed leader in Cooling Products, and the No. 1 AC brand, from the house of the Tata’s, has further reinforced its leadership position in the Cooling Products space, by launching the new enhanced version of the Voltas Maha Adjustable Inverter AC. 

The launch comes with the backdrop of ‘India’s Cooling Habits’ study conducted by Voltas during the pandemic last year, which reflected that, more than 70% of consumers used their Inverter ACs for more than 8 hours, while over weekends 60% of consumers used their Inverter ACs for more than 12 hours.

Maha-Adjustable Inverter AC features and benefits:

Based on the cultural insight of Indians opting to ‘adjust’, the Voltas’ Maha-Adjustable Inverter AC comes with a unique value proposition of ‘Flexible Air Conditioning’ that allows the user to choose from multiple tonnage options. 

Consumers have the ability to switch within 0.75 Ton, 1 Ton, 1.2 Ton, 1.5 Ton or 2 Ton, depending on the ambient heat or number of people in the room; leading to savings and optimization of running cost.

Voltas’ new range of ACs are also coupled with unique & exciting promotional offers for consumers, this summer:

· Lifetime Inverter Compressor Warranty

· 5 Year Comprehensive Warranty

· Attractive EMIs through credit cards

· 0% Consumer Finance through NBFCs  

The Voltas 2021 AC product range includes over 130+ SKUs, with 95 SKUs in Inverter ACs, 20 in Split ACs and 20 in Window ACs, besides Cassette and Tower ACs. Within this, Voltas has launched 24 SKUs of Maha Adjustable AC.

As a part of its 2021 plan, Voltas has also launched 48 SKUs of its Voltas Fresh Air Coolers under various sub-categories such as Personal, Window, Tower and Desert Air Coolers. 

The new range comprises of Windsor with 4 sided cooling advantage, Epicool with style and ultra cooling, Virat with a sturdy metal body, and Alfa fresh with purification advantage. 

The Company also strengthened its overall portfolio by introducing 60 SKUs of Commercial Refrigeration products, including Convertible Freezer, Freezer on Wheel and Curved Glass Freezer. 

The company has also launched 22 SKUs of Water Dispensers, and 25 SKUs of Water Coolers. This year, Voltas is also introducing a range of Cold room solutions for the B2B segment.