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Samsung Unboxes its 2021 Lineup - From MICRO LED and Neo QLED to monitors and lifestyle screens

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. showcased its 2021 lineup of MICRO LED, Samsung Neo QLED, lifestyle TVs, monitors, and soundbars at its virtual Unbox & Discover event. 

As people spend more time at home, Samsung’s latest innovations let consumers get the most from their screens—allowing them to work efficiently, communicate effectively, and explore their personal passions.

The latest gadgets from Samsung is here.

MICRO LED Comes Home:

In 2021, Samsung brings all the power of MICRO LED technology in the form factor of a traditional TV experience. Now, consumers can take home the cinematic experience in a beautiful edge-to-edge screen design, with no need for professional assembly and installation.

MICRO LED is available in 110’’ and 99’’ sizes globally beginning at the end of March; an 88’’ size is launching this fall; and a 76’’ is on the future roadmap.

MICRO LED can become 4 screens in one. With 4Vue (Quad View), consumers can watch up to four sources of content simultaneously. 

Keep up with multiple sports at once, or stream a walk through while playing a video game. MICRO LED brings true-to-life picture quality at an enormous scale—out of the box.

Samsung Neo QLED Fits Any Home and Every Passion

Its viewing experience is defined by our Neo Quantum Processor, and new Quantum Mini LEDs. At just 1/40th the size of conventional LEDs, Quantum Mini LEDs allow for ultra-fine light control.

Neo QLED also offers features that level up gaming. Samsung is proud to be the Official TV Partner of Xbox Series X in the United States and Canada. 

With Xbox and Samsung renewing their multi-year agreement this year, the two companies will continue working together to offer an unbeatable gaming experience.

In 2021, Samsung Health adds the benefit of a Smart Trainer. Samsung Neo QLED’s 8K models (QN800A and QN900A) will be available in 65’’, 75’’, and 85’’ sizes, while the 4K models (QN90A and QN85A) will reflect an even wider selection, starting at 50’’.

TV Technology That Reflects Your Style Indoors or Outdoors

There are new ways to customize the Frame itself — from new mounting options like the Slim Fit Wall-Mount to five bezel options and more from third party providers.

Additionally, Samsung has made the 2021 Frame slimmer than ever: just 24.9 millimetres thick, about the same depth as an actual picture frame. It’s just as appealing off as when it’s on.

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