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X Box One X launches and features

Are you X Box gaming lover? Do you know recently X Box One X launched? If not, kindly check this article to know more detail about X Box One X launches and its feedback a bit.

X Box One X features:
There was a launch event on X Box One X and gaming people around the world eagerly waited for its launches and I am one of them as well. The feature of X Box One X is all about the advanced console game from the previous one and it is also with VR. What else? You may find some more new games in it to enjoy the pretty device.

Would you like to know more about new versions of consoles? If yes, please read it. X Box One X was launched on-time as expected. Please find its launches and features a bit.

The recent X Box Luckys tale is colorful and cute. This is one of the best device to play the advanced game. The hardware of the latest X Box looks pretty good. If you are a gaming fan of Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PS4 slim etc. then find some of the features on Xbox One X. Yes, Microsoft's E3 Event was all about the latest Crackdown 3, Forza Motorsport etc. and they are pretty nice to go with.

The minimum configuration requirement for the Xbox One X chart is attached herewith, please check them to enjoy the game.

Having a console for playing game to the last is pretty freaking sweet. Why not? You can watch or play game from Xbox One X with 1080p stream-in that will crisp. Some says AssassinCreedOrigins game is super (Origins and Metro Exodus etc.), few says Time Splitters game is better one and other says a different one.

There are few new and upgraded games will come soon, one of them is Crackdown3 will be launches officially on 7th November for Xbox One X. Many excited to grab their one X. The first game was amazing as per demo. We will write more about the technical specification, features and review of X Box One X, soon.

In general, One X performance is amazing as per the introduction and the team who work behind this must be appreciated. The team can write up an article about the challenges that went into making this work.

You can find various detail at social networking sites too with the hashtag of XboxE3. All images courtesy: Xbox and social networking sites.

Do you think no real AAA game in Xbox One X? Are those games better than Persona 5, Uncharted 4, and The Last of Us etc.? Please add comment then.

X Box One X price: $499*

Hope this article was helpful to you and we welcome your comment, if any. Thanks for visiting. Have a nice day!