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How to get 100 links result per page in Google Search - tips

Would you like to know how to set and get more than 10 webpage links result per page from Google Search engine? If yes, read this article to know few simple steps and guideline on easy setting to get 100 links result per page from the search engine.

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Try to type as whether in Google Chrome or FireFox or other browsers to get the exact setting option first. This way you will get 'setting option' for obtaining 100 webpages link result than just default 10 webpages link from Google search results.

Once you typed as stated above (, you will then find 'setting' option anywhere like mostly right side bottom of the screen - as shown on the screen-shot below.

The next step is, click on setting option to go to next step - as shown in the below screen-shot.

You will find another screen where you will find few options like, as below;

Try to move button option to "Never show Instant results" from any other two options under "Google Instant predictions" column.

The next step is, Result per page in next column, you just need to move small white button from 10 to 100. Make sure it doesn't come back to 10 after brought it to 100 as it sometime happens. Once everything is OK with 100 option, you may then go to bottom of the screen.

The final step is, click on "Save" the setting just done. Once it is saved, you may then get the 100 links results per page from Google Search for whatever keyword you searched for. 

Also, make sure that whenever you switch-on the computer then the setting is the same one or else you have to change the setting again for 100.

Hope this tips on how to set 100 pages result than 10 in Google search helped you for sure. You may add comment for any query.