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Vivo V5s review

After Vivo V5 Plus review, the next review of the Vivo Smartphone series is the one that was launched in 27th Apr 2017, what is that? It is none other than very cool V5s smartphone. Please find V5s review detail over here.

Since few websites already published V5S review on various things specially its external appearance and technical features, thus we would like to present little different over here. 
Our team will try to cover internal things including OS, Battery, apps and on other than few external points of the successfully rocking V5s device for review. Please find the V5s unboxing detail.


Unboxing V5s Smartphone:

Box Contents:
Vivo V5s smartphone
Quick Start Guide
Hefty Charger
USB cable
in-ear headphones
SIM Ejector Pin
Warranty Card
Screen cover/guard
Clear Phone casing


V5s Performance:
Other than the selfie specialized and camera quality, the mobile touch-integrated from this mobile is simply superb and you might feel the same touch-integrated that comes in latest iPhone devices too. 
We have used several smartphones recently so we can co-relate some of them to compare among. So, you can also check and compare v5s vs other devices in case if you got the opportunity to do so.

V5s Internal and External memory performance:
You might have already read V5s specification detail. The RAM and ROM is more than enough to go with this device unless if you are a video shooter from V5s finest quality video camera and would like to save huge size images or videos and its memory in external one other than its internal one given, so, you have to pick external memory which option is available to increase more than 128GB / 256GB.


V5s Battery performance:
This is one of the most important features which many looks for reliable and long-lasting performance of the Smartphone. The phone is like a dead one if there is no battery or very poor battery. 
We tried to use V5s phone for a long duration and kept it busy with different works, one of them was using video features to know whether the battery of V5s get heated or malfunction?. 

We did played few games continuously for few hours to know when it gets heated or interrupted etc. but it hardly gets heated which is reasonable and no interruption while playing the different video games other than very advanced games. 
The in-between calls never put down those performances too, so, the end user can enjoy this smartphone without any battery issue. It is surprise that 3000mAh performs well in it.

V5s Camera performance:
Video and Camera for live shooting or image is simply outstanding in this range. V5s has dual flash which helps to take the picture or video even in dark / night mode with the originality of the view around. It is close to Redmi Note 4 or Moto G5 Plus which cost less than the V5s which is a different story. 

The photo was taken from V5S in the dark mode

Vivo V5s comes with 20MP front-facing camera with Moonlight flash and a 13MP primary camera with PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus) and LED flash. The camera performance does not disappoint when it comes to taking selfies. So, this is one of the best selfie smartphone available around. It takes selfies like a pro and result fine when captured in broad daylight and well-lit conditions. 
You can check the above photo as well for night-mode result. The built-in FaceBeauty Mode helps user not to make up and it will help perfectly removing the wrinkles though it takes away the natural look and skin tone. The screen-shot also working fine from V5S. The camera performance is great in it.

V5s Handset performance:
Slim and beautiful handset has the 3.5mm jack and the USB port at the bottom. The volume and power button at the right side besides sleek gadget that one can enjoy it in just one hand, and chances of getting a bit slippery since its curve and metallic back tends to do so sometime. The fingerprint scanner and quick unlock in this 5.5 inch phone is an added glamour.

It is overall an attractive device and of course one of the best performing smartphone in the segment, so, using this phone can benefit you many things. I am using audio player which is really an outstanding. The charger helps to quickly charge the device whether you are at home or office or on the way or using the charger in the train or luxury bus. The only thing is, audio voice slightly differs upon calls and speaks to known person.

V5s Security:
This is one of the important features in V5s, other than general insurance and warranty, Vivo also generally helps to secure the data of the users which is one of the main concern these days since many using their Bank or money transaction detail from the Smartphone, so, it has secure feature. 
The consumer also can install Anti-Virus or likewise protection in it. It has Cloud storage and Funtouch OS as well.


V5s Hardware: 
Vivo V5s built with 1.8GHz octa-core MediaTek MT6750 processor with 4GB of RAM of its earlier model. No compromise on its performance. The camera, battery, audio, video and other related hardware peripherals works fine, jointly.

V5s Software:
V5s comes with the latest Android Marshmallow along with the company’s FunTouch OS. Both the OS functions well though many normally don't use the Funtouch or smartphone brand OS in general. The end user either addicted to Android or iOS mostly. 

This Dual SIM works pretty fine, this device helps on smooth touch-integrated which is an additional points and its overall function is absolutely fantastic. Most of the Apps are suitable with the device. 
The Smart Split multitasking feature offers a smooth and lag-free experience even though it’s only limited to supported apps.


The Software and OS is suitable for the handset and the apps what you download is going without any issue. The apps like Uber or Ola perfectly works well specially while navigating or using the maps on the go. 
Sometime V5s also let us feel like the iOS 10 when we see the wallpapers and control center etc. You can enjoy videos like YouTube as well without any interruption.

How to know the differences between V5 Plus and V5s smartphone?
If you have a question on how to know the differences between these two V5s vs V5 Plus (its earlier released one) smartphone since they almost looks same, if that is the query, then you are right to know the detail over here about both of them. 
Yes, these days devices releases with slight changes that little confuses the buyers to know which model actually is. 

In this case, between these two, the front camera and flash of the V5s is different than V5 Plus. If you see their photos or live devices then you would agree about them on front dual camera and flash differences which identifies both of them. 
This is one of the simple identification beside rear panel's dual line between these two. One more clue or identification, V5s is as same as just V5 (and not V5 Plus) device released in Nov 2016.

V5s gadget front appearance is as same as one of the successful V5 smartphone that was launched in November 2016 by Vivo, the rear and few sides appear like iPhone 7 as well. 
All in all Vivo has done some combine effort to bring outstanding for an internal and external result to the end users. This device neither below V5 performances nor above iPhone 7 performances, this is definitely more than 'Paisa Vasool' smartphone with premium look and feel besides.

V5s result: 
The smartphone let you feel happy on various things and few of them are multitasking, playing game, dual screen, web browsing and watching HD videos etc. so this is definitely 'worth investing' on the gadget. 
It can be considered as one of the best smartphone in 2017 or the best smartphone to play the game as well. No doubt about it. 

You just need to focus on the right setting to shoot the photo or video to get the best results out of it. That's it. You can enjoy the calls, imo calls, video calls and various apps including WhatsApp etc. unlimited.

Nowadays, there are many competitions among Smartphones and Brands, the same time Oppo also released a gadget, iPhone 7 came few months back, Samsung released its latest series smartphones, OnePlus released OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T and on. 
There are other brands like Panasonic, Lenovo, Sony, Motorola, Xiaomi too participated in this race recently by releasing their gadgets. Here you go for some pros and cons of V5s smartphone compare to other competitors' device.

V5s Pros:
Camera / Video results
Internal memory
Smooth touch-integrated
Software / Apps
Battery life
Playing casual games (rare little issue while playing high-end games)
Fingerprint unlock faster
Built-in DAC
Quality and well built

V5s Cons:
Homebutton and slippery
Voice quality (little lack)
Sharpness and brightness levels lack
Confusing UI

V5s price tag: Rs. 18,990/=

V5s Score: 8/10.
Stay tuned for more update on Vivo smartphones, sooner.