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Acer Swift Go 14 laptop: AI Features and price

Acer has unveiled its first AI-ready laptop, the Swift Go 14, showcasing a dedication to cutting-edge technology. 

Acer Swift Go 14 AI features:

It comes with AI features powered by the new Intel® Core Ultra processors and Intel AI Boost with power-efficient AI acceleration coupled with Intel Arc™ GPU, complementing features such as Acer AlterView, Acer AI Zone, Microsoft Copilot in Windows, Acer PurifiedVoice 2.0’s noise reduction, and Acer PurifiedView video enhancement technology. 

The laptop features a 16:10 14” IPS Touch Display showcasing stunning visual brilliance with super slim bezels, delivering vibrant color accuracy, deep blacks, and ultra-crisp image quality.

The laptop is powered by the latest Intel Core Ultra 5 & 7 processor, the Acer Swift Go 14 excels not only in AI capabilities but also stands out as a powerhouse. It introduces Applied AI features like Acer QuickPanel, streamlining adjustments for PurifiedView and PurifiedVoice AI effects during e-meetings.

With automatic launch alongside the camera, it provides quick settings, while users can customize preferences within the app. LifeConnect efficiently manages Wifi resources, and the Generative AI features, coupled with GIMP free & open-source raster graphics editor, enable seamless integration with the Intel Stable Diffusion Plugin for effortless generation of art, illustrations, and images using simple text input.

Acer LiveArt, part of Acer AI Zone, allows instant background removal, enhancing creative flexibility. Within the AI landscape, the Swift Go features Alter View, generating depth maps for 2D images, enabling users to personalize live wallpapers with an engaging dynamic parallax effect.

Additionally, the laptop includes an AI Assistant feature, and AcerSense utility app, ensuring effortless navigation and maintenance. Acer AI Zone within AcerSense offers AI features, enriching the exploration of innovative productivity and creativity experiences. 

The Copilot feature in Windows 11 further provides intelligent assistance and skill enhancement through AI. The Acer Swift Go 14 marks a leap forward in AI-infused computing experiences, offering a comprehensive suite of features for enhanced productivity and creativity.

Price: The all-new Swift Go 14 is priced at Rs 84,999 and is now available exclusively on Flipkart.