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Praan launches HIVE; forays into B2C segment with an aim to transform indoor air purification

Praan, the DeepTech company behind the world's most advanced filterless air purifier, MK II, announces the official launch of its groundbreaking domestic product, HIVE. The HIVE is a compact, high volume air purification device, built with aircraft craft aluminium. 

The aesthetically pleasing air purifier with a best-in-class Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), utilizes H14-HEPA medical-grade filtration to purify particulate matter and VOCs in a 345 sq. ft. space. 

Recognizing trust and reliability concerns with domestic air purifiers, Praan developed HIVE, promising a transformative user experience.

Praan's mission is to democratize access to clean air in both commercial and residential applications, and HIVE marks a significant step in achieving this goal. 

Praan manufactures HIVE devices in Mumbai using aircraft-grade aluminium, ensuring durability for Indian households - a very bold step for making high aesthetic consumer products in India. 

This robust construction sets HIVE apart, making it a resilient and lasting solution for indoor air quality improvement. 

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