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CyborgIntell - AI Platform for Financial Services

Natural Stupidity could be the opposite of Artificial Intelligence. CyborgIntell, a pioneering innovator offering end-to-end data to value-focused Artificial Intelligence (AI), announced two powerful additions to its transformative zero-code AI platform, engineered exclusively for the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector.

The first to world full stack product suite now includes two ground-breaking solutions: Feature Store and Model Risk Management (MRM).

Feature Store is CyborgIntell’s trailblazing technology that automatically creates thousands of new features from raw data, saving 90% of time spent in data preparation for modelling. 

This allows financial institutions to measure hidden transactions behaviour, transaction patterns & habits, payment preference, risk behaviour, depth & breadth of customer’s relationship and more. 

Thereby solving diverse business challenges and providing a 360-degree view of the Financial institution data within seconds.

Another game changing addition to the product stack, is the industry first Model Risk Management (MRM) or diagnosis tool, designed to instil a newfound trust in AI deployments which monitors more than 60 different parameters for three different kinds of reports namely model, feature and data drift reports.

MRM’s monitoring capabilities generate early warning indicators if the AI fails and also provides root cause analysis of failure of AI. 

Moreover, it also tracks if there's any change in customer behaviour or pattern, or the model has started deteriorating and helps to self-mitigate the problems.