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TutorPlus offer on Amazon

Cybernetyx, a cognitive AI solutions provider, is offering a discount on one its revolutionary products – TutorPlus on Amazon India’ ongoing Great Indian Festival Sale started on 8th October 2023. 

TutorPlus was launched with an aim to connect with a diverse customer base including teachers and YouTube content creators, users can buy TutorPlus at an exclusive discount of 25% to 35% during the sale.

With the digital revolution demanding more interactive and engaging teaching methods, TutorPlus fills the gap between compromised solutions like pen tablets and expensive options like Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs). 

The product enables tutors to convert any display or TV into an interactive flat panel and is one of the most preferred choices for educators. TutorPlus stands out from the competition with its bundled teaching software, which further enhances the teaching experience.