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Something brilliant is on its way on...

Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Thor or next to your Door, all are more or less powerful only because - they are with gadgets. All are almost addicted to gadgets in a different form.

There are so many things (gadgets) on the way on or after the New Year 2023. This is one of them. You can guess or speculate on what is this something brilliant one to unveil on January 5, 2023?

Guessing done. Feeling the same one to unveil. Wait.

A custom officer asked an innocent co-traveler who helped a girl to hide her important device on his pant pocket. He then replied, "I have there a tiny instrument destined for use by women, but which has never been used."

May not be a related gadget's launching on scheduled date with subject topic. If you are really interested to know about it despite guessing it, then.

Stay tuned.