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EVM 3-in-1 Wireless Charging pad ‘EnPad’

Hundia Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd, EVM announces the launches of 3-in-1 Wireless Charging pad ‘EnPad’, it is time to say goodbye to tangled wires.

All wireless charging devices for Android and iOS, in addition to all other Qi-enabled devices, are supported by the 15W Fast Wireless Charging. 
Charging your phone is as easy as placing it down on the charging pad, thanks to cutting-edge Qi inductive technology.

The Charging Pad charges a device at a significantly faster rate compared to the other options in the market. 

When opposed to a wired charger, the speed at which the charger gives power to your smartphone is not affected by the charger's 15W output, which allows it to do so without interruption. 

The wireless charging pad is able to charge phones with casings that are up to 5 millimeters thick.

EnPad 3-in-1 Specifications:

(1) Type-C Input : DC5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.52A

(2) Phone Pad Output : 15W/10/7.5W/5W

(3) Watch Pad Output : 2.5W

(4) Earpods Pad Output : 5W

(5) Input Interface : Type-C Port

(6) Transmission Distance : <8mm (Phone)

(7) Product Size : 175mm X 70mm X 20mm

EVM 3-in-1 EnPad price: Approx INR 3199*.

Stay tuned.