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Eclipse IDE Pros and Cons

Would you like to know about the Eclipse IDE and its usage etc.? Free and open source released under the terms of the Eclipse Public License 2.0. 

If you are using Eclipse IDE or planning to do so then go through this article for more information on the subject platform. Also, find the advantage and disadvantage of the Eclipse IDE.

Improved Platform: HTML format support added in clipboard. Display class integrated with Java Executor framework and JobManager API was improved.

Proven Extensibility: Features a huge variety of platform plugins that will ease the addition of new functionality.

Improved Maven Tooling: Maven annotation processor support is built in, and support for several core Maven plugins was improved.

Latest JAVA support: Supports Java 19 and provides the necessary tooling for development.

Eclipse IDE Pros / Advantages:

It is an absolutely modern IDE
Run well on older and lower-end computers.
Best for writing Java code.
Nice drag and drop features
Multiple framework support.
Easy API association.
Better console interface.
Java compiler gives instant suggestions and hints while Coding.
It supports a lot of plugins.
Best file management system.
It supports Java, PHP, Javascript, C#, etc.
Best customer support.

Eclipse IDE Cons / Disadvantages:

Installing new plugins sometime crashes the application.
Have to be well-versed on an IDE to work better.
Have to close all other projects if running simultaneously.
No Lite version.
Sometime stuck and software automatically closes.
No all programming languages feature.
The error message / last change branch code indication should be more elaboration.

Eclipse Installer 2022-12 R, and Eclipse download from here

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