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Canon Cable ID printers - MK5000 and MK3000 launch...

Canon India has launched two Cable ID printers (the MK5000 and MK3000), designed to create durable cable labels suitable for IT data centres and the renovation industry. 

In line with the increasing demand for mobility during on-site printing, the printers can now be powered by commercially available nickel-cadmium hydride (Ni-MH) type of batteries.

Canon Cable ID printers (the MK5000 and MK3000) features:

High Printing Speed, Resolution and Accuracy

Canon’s MK5000 and MK3000 can produce up to 55 and 35 printed cable sleeves per minute respectively, with fine line support up to 300 dpi resolution.

With up to three adjustable speed settings to obtain the optimum print quality, the new printers offer flexibility in scaling of production to meet field requirements.

To further enhance productivity, the MK5000 supports distributed printing from a single personal computer using multiple printers.  

Both the MK5000 and MK3000 can perform length adjustments in 0.1 mm for accurate, precise spacing control.

Flexible Operation Improves Productivity

Improve On-site Work Efficiency with Mobile Printing

Media Versatility and Wide Range of Tube Sizes Supported

Printing from PC through Bundled PC Connection Kit.

Canon Cable ID printers (the MK5000 and MK3000) specifications:


Canon Cable ID printers (the MK5000 and MK3000) price: Will be updated.

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