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Samsung Laundry Care - First AI Enabled and Connected Washing Machine Range

Samsung has launched India’s first artificial intelligence (AI) enabled bi-lingual washing machine with Hindi and English user interface. 

Are you interested to know more about it? Are you planning to buy washing machine anytime soon? If yes, this article will help you.

This new line-up of fully automatic front load washing machines is truly made for India and is part of Samsung’s new vision of Powering Digital India. 

It comes with Samsung’s proprietary EcoBubble™ and QuickDrive™ technology that helps save time and power while providing 45% extra fabric care.

  • All new models come with Hygiene Steam technology that removes ingrained dirt and 99.9% of bacteria and allergens.
  • India’s first washing machine that learns user behaviour and suggests the most preferred wash cycle; provides ease of use by eliminating the need to juggle through multiple options.
  • When connected with Samsung SmartThings App, it provides personalized smart Laundry Recipe solution to give best wash options basis 2.8 million big data points.

Ensuring high standards of cleaning and hygiene, all new models come with Hygiene Steam technology that is capable of removing ingrained dirt and 99.9% of bacteria and allergens.

This latest washing machine line-up, with 21 new models, comes equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) features that offer a customize laundry process to consumers. 

The AI learns and remembers laundry habits and suggests the most frequently used wash cycle. This smart Internet of Things (IoT) enabled washing machine line up can be connected with Samsung smart devices such as Galaxy smartphones, Samsung Smart TVs and Family Hub refrigerators as well as voice devices such as Alexa and Google Home to give users a seamless connected living experience.

The new Samsung washing machine line-up comes with a brand new design that is minimal and has an extremely user friendly sleek digital interface with a simple jog dial control.

To make the laundry experience more effective and simple, Laundry Planner enables users to schedule the end time of their laundry while Laundry Recipe gives automatic recommendations for optimal wash cycles based on information such as colour, fabric type and degree of soiling provided by the user, eliminating the need to guess which cycle is best. 

In addition, HomeCare Wizard proactively alerts users about potential problems and provides quick troubleshooting.

Price and availability:

Starting price at INR 35,400. The new AI-enabled laundry line up will be available across all retail partners in India beginning April 6, 2021.