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Samsung No Bezel TV: Launches and leaks

Samsung is coming with innovative gadgets often. This time, it is expected to launch an 8K TV with no bezel at all and it may launch anytime in this year 2020.

The subject Television might be showcased in CES2020 Las Vegas too. No other brand has introduced or showcased yet with Zero-Bezel TV but Samsung brand. Are you interested to know more about it? Here you go.

The leak and rumors are around about the 8K TV with Bezel-less from Samsung. It is very beautiful too. You can enjoy it with an immersive viewing experience.

The brand has earlier released QLED TV too. If you are looking for Samsung's 8K TV with No Bezel's key features, technical specifications, price, unboxing, hands-on, first impression, comparison detail etc. then you could find few of them over here once it is official.

You can time being check the speculation and rumors of the above subject gadget.

Samsung's 8K Bezel-less TV features (unconfirmed):

The TV is expected to come with not 4K but 8K and it means a lot to the world. Not only this, new appearance overall. Yes, No-Bezel or Zero-Bezel display / screen.

How it will be? Is this QLED or OLED or LED TV? Will it come with IoT and AI features? Will user enjoy the multi-device option? What are the other important features in it compare to normal or 4K TV etc. and these info will be updated soon.

CES2020 is expected to come with advanced and latest gadgets and technology innovation. If you are looking the updates from CES2020 then we would publish for you, very soon.

Until we review the new TV, we could say, this may be the best TV soon. Best for watching various program and gameplay as well. And most features packed TV too. We would cover pros and cons of the new television soon. So, stay tuned.