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BMW G310 R and BMW G310 GS bikes: Features and price

A well known brand of Car and Bike manufacturing, BMW has introduced BMW G310 R and BMW G310 GS bikes with latest addition and an innovative features.

BMW has developed the motor cycle bike in collaboration with TVS India.

If you are looking for BMW G310 R and BMW G310 GS bikes' detail, key features, technical specifications, review, comparison, impression and price detail etc. then you could find few of them over here.

BMW G310 R specs and features:

This is one of the sub-500 cc bike powered. It is powered by 313cc engine and a 6 speed gear box that goes up to top speed of 137 kmph.

A single-cylinder with 4-valves bike comes with ABS‎ ‎Dual Channel.

BMW G310 GS specs and features:

The riding gear suitable bike is powered by ‎313 cc engine and top speed is ‎140.41 kmph. 

The bike comes with ABS‎ ‎Dual Channel Power (PS@rpm)‎ and ‎34 PS @ 9500 rpm.

BMW G310 R price: Starts at INR 2.99 lakhs.

BMW G310 GS price: Starts at INR 3.49 lakhs.

We will update more detail about these bikes, soon. Stay tuned.

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