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Eve Smart water bottle for Medical Adherence

Are you concern about the health? Are you or someone whom you love facing any chronic illnesses like Diabetes or Heart etc. issues? If yes, this is the right time to read this article.

In medicine, adherence describes the degree to which a person correctly follows medical advice. 

The lack of adherence could result in possibly dangerous situations, particularly for people suffering with chronic illnesses like Diabetes, Heart illnesses etc.

Every year 125,000 premature deaths occur due to non-adherence just in USA and 2 out of every 3 Americans are non-adherent. 

Globally, its leading to more than $600 billion loss to the healthcare in costs annually.  

Eve is launching it's first product - Eve Smart Bottle, that helps chronic condition people like diabetics etc take medication on time. Eve is designed to battle non-adherence.

Eve is a smart water bottle that is designed to integrate with the lifestyles of people like a consumer product. It comes with an inbuilt pill holder with 3 compartments that can store upto 20 pills. 

Eve uses LED Glow and Music to remind when it’s time to take medication and also tracks whether a pill is taken or not with the help of sensors.

Eve mobile app is used to set the dosages and timings for the pills. The tracked data will synced with mobile app and is shown in the adherence dashboard. Eve app notifies the family members / caretakers if a pill is not taken within 30 min.

Eve uses the latest technologies that include IoT and ML to build products that improve the quality of lives of people suffering from Chronic Conditions.

Eve, a bottle that takes care of you.