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How OnePlus6 smartphone sold 1 million units in just 22 days

Technology and innovation has changed the history often. It goes to almost every department, including smartphone. Yes. Once dominated phones or feature phones or smartphones brand has gone out of the race.

Few brands unable to survive in the market despite being releasing their devices matching the trend more or less, few little better in rising compare to their fall in the past. Few hard to come back, few new brand hard to chase the existing racers. The story goes like this.

These all happening due to many circumstances and few of them are time and customer's choice. One has to identify the pulse of the customers' in order to survive in the market for a long, or else, it would be a temporary status on the top list. Not only this, the right campaign for the right product may match and get the crown.

So, here it goes for every brand including OnePlus. This brand has released most of the gadgets with features packed smartphones from the beginning till now. So, it has unique fans and buyers all around.

How OnePlus6 sold 1 million units in just 22 days?

Every other brand knows about the history of the OnePlus, its products and fan bases all around the globe. It is definitely hard to chase OnePlus for right now even if it is a top most brand who covers all segment or variant devices can hardly chase it.

Few other brands released their smartphones with almost same price and specifications matching the OnePlus but they somehow gone out of the race. The OnePlus and its OnePlus6 smartphone stands unique in the race. The reason might be as below.

What make OnePlus so special?

To get success, chase all and claim the top status, a brand has to accept the feedback from all around though it is not mandatory as long as the brand gives a high quality product, high-end specifications, fully packed features, definitely with affordable cost beside satisfaction customer service and Fans or customers' Forum to exchange the idea or issues.

These things are enough to sell the unit as much as they can. Not only Quality and better performance of the gadget but a long life of the product always speaks without concerning other competitors around.

This is one of the succesfull device in the row of OnePlus1, OnePlus3, OnePlus3T, OnePlus5, OnePlus5T and the latest OnePlus6 smartphone. The 'Never Settle' brand has done their best to get their fans.

If you observe these things then you would somehow agree that it is possible to sell 1 million units even in 15 days despite expensive devices. This is one of the best smartphones, best selling smartphones, and possibly you may get the best deal around.

People are there to buy them as long as the gadget is really worth investing. Regardless of budget, mid-range or higher price gadgets or smartphones. So, we can also expect other than Avenger edition of the phone is that OnePlus6T anytime after few months.

Tips: Its performance and quality with pricing is great. You can buy this device.