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Qualcomm Design in India 2017 winners and list of 15 Shortlisted start-ups for 2018

Qualcomm has announced the winners of Cycle II of its Qualcomm® Design in India Challenge 2017. In this, Bangalore based, Sensara Technologies and Lightmetrics Technologies has won the challenge with their innovative technologies and solutions. 

The winners rewarded with prize money of $75,000 each.

The winners of the Qualcomm Design in India Challenge 2017.

Brief about Sensara Technologies and Lightmetrics Technologies:

* Sensara Technologies developed a Smart TV solution on a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ mobile platform. Using Edge Compute and Advanced Analytics, their solution redefines the TV watching experience.

* Lightmetrics Technologies used the CV and ML capabilities of a Snapdragon mobile platform to enable a highly robust and intelligent ADAS product. Integrated with a cross platform video safety solution, the device provides better data and actionable insights into driving behaviour.

Last time, Qualcomm had announced in Sep 2017, Tagbox Solutions and Steradian Semiconductors as the winners of Cycle I of Qualcomm Design in India Challenge 2017 at the India Mobile Congress in New Delhi.

List of Qualcomm's 15 Shortlisted start-ups for 2018:

Qualcomm has also announced the top fifteen finalists for its Design in India Challenge 2018 program, who will receive initial seed money of USD 10,000 each to develop or further refine their prototypes using Qualcomm® technologies in the Qualcomm Innovation Labs. 

The initiative is for the latest cohort of start-ups address new opportunities in the domains of Smart Infrastructure, Biometric Devices, Payment Terminals, Agricultural Technology, Medical Technology and Rural IoT. 

Among fifteen shortlisted entries, three winning start-ups will be selected in early 2019.

Would you like to know what are the prizes money for Qualcomm's start-ups for 2018 shortlisted participants and winners?. Here you go.

* Winners Prize Awards: At the end of the incubation period, the winner of 2018 and two runners up will be awarded with USD100,000, USD75,000 and USD50,000 respectively.

* Patent Filing Incentive: Qualcomm will provide each start-up an amount up to USD5,000 for patent applications, filed with either the India PTO or the US PTO during the incubation phase of the program.

List of the fifteen shortlisted companies for the Qualcomm Design in India Challenge 2018 edition are:

1. Artificial Learning Systems India Pvt Ltd. –  Bangalore, Karnataka - An AI enabled product that can detect diabetic retinopathy on handheld devices.

2. Avantari Technologies Pvt.  Ltd. – Hyderabad, Telangana - A wearable platform for keeping track of cardiac parameters (ECG, Heart sounds, BP, Heart Rate), which is combined with remote monitoring capabilities to predict cardiac abnormalities at an early stage.

3. Bioscan Research Pvt. Ltd. – Ahmedabad, Gujarat - A hand held brain haemorrhage detector that is non-invasive and fully computerized.

4. Chigroo Labs Pvt. Ltd. – Bangalore, Karnataka - A Smart-Cradle for baby sleep management and health monitoring.

5. Dimension NXG Pvt. Ltd.– Thane, Maharashtra - A platform that aims to decrease cost, time and errors involved in Operations and Training, using an AR/VR headset called “AjnaLens”.

6. Janitri Innovations Pvt. Ltd. – Bangalore, Karnataka - An affordable, easy to use, wearable and portable fetal heart rate and uterine contraction monitoring device.

7. Lazy Design Pvt. Ltd. – Pune – Maharashtra - A behavioural AI powered smart ring that predicts and displays the right shortcuts for users and enables control with a swipe of a finger.

8. mBreath Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – Kharagpur, West Bengal - “SleepDoc”, a world’s first multi person AI-driven wireless sleep assistant to non-intrusively monitor vital parameters.

9. MobiusWorks Pvt. Ltd. – Bangalore, Karnataka - A smart wearable, Wagr” and a mobile app that helps keep your pets safe and fit.

10. Nearex Technologies Pvt. Ltd.- Bangalore, Karnataka - An affordable 3G/4G Payment Terminal.

11. PiOctave Solutions Pvt. Ltd. –  Bangalore, Karnataka - A Smart network video recorder (NVR) and Gateway for the connected home.

12. Sensworx Systems India Pvt. Ltd. – Hyderabad, Telangana - A Cellular IOT based Smart Water Meter, which provides real time water analytics, water leakage, health monitoring and performance.

13. Shellios Technolabs Pvt. Ltd –  New Delhi - A Smart helmet that not only protects the head, but reduces the impact of pollution, heat and impaired communications on a rider.

14. TestRight Nanosystems Pvt. Ltd. – New Delhi - A Pocket device to determine colour shade of objects.

15. Turtle Shell Technologies Pvt. Ltd. –  Bangalore, Karnataka - A non-contact, non-intrusive device that converts bed-time into regular health check-up time for patients with chronic sleep disorders.

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Tips: You may participate in the contest if certain criterias are met. You need to visit Qualcomm official website on-time to apply for the same.