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Oppo Find X smartphone launches

It is official that Oppo will launch their upcoming device Find X smartphone in the Louvre, Paris, France on June 19, 2018. This is definitely a good news for the Oppo fans all around.

We got to see few smartphone brands those are launching their mobile phones in an overseas like a Coolpad launched Cool Play 6 smartphone in Dubai, UAE few months back, Huawei's Honor also launched Honor 7x and Honor 10 smartphones in London few months / weeks back, and OnePlus brand too in this race like they had launched OnePlus6 smartphone in London, recently. 

So, the story continues from other brand as well. Yes it is, now the turn is for Oppo brand. Oppo is launching their latest smartphone Find X in Louvre, Paris, France on June 19, 2018.

The X series smartphone is becoming popular nowadays as we got to see few X phones. Like, Vivo launched X21 with In-Display fingerprint sensor and Apex.

Oppo coming with X series phone as we can assume about its high-end specification and features thus price accordingly or disrupting other brand prices.

The brand's last launched device was F7 smartphone and its sub-brand's Realme1 - both of them got huge responses as well.

There are leaks images or photos of Oppo X smartphone available around. Who knows, there might be a leaks specs and features of Oppo X available somewhere around possibly. 

If you are looking for Oppo Find X smartphone key features, technical specification, price, launches date, release date, hands-on, comparison and review etc. then you have to wait for few more days to get its official information.

The brand says that a combination of technology and art. So, we would publish OPPO Find X device from Global Launch Event and its other detail soon for sure. Till then stay tuned.