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Apple watchOS 5 features

Apple recently announced the latest updates on its smartwatches. The latest one is, its operating system (watchOS 5) updates for better enhancement. 

The watchOS has come to the picture with the new and various advanced features added by the brand and to be utilized them by the end-user.

If you are looking for Apple watchOS brief and its some of the features then you would find them over here.

Apple watchOS highlights:

After the latest updates from WWDC18 that was an Apple Special Event, dated June 4, 2018. There are so many latest (software) updates from the brand on iOS 12, macOS Mojave, watchOS 5 and Apple TV 4K.

We have already published some of the detail on Apple's WWDC18 latest updatesHowever, we are furnishing herewith all about the latest watchOS 5 features from Apple watches.

On the other hand, many expected from Apple that they might launch the new devices beside the latest OS features. But, little disappointed on this.

watchOS 5 features:

The end-user could utilize the Apple watch with some of the latest and new features due to watchOS 5 operating system. 

The user can use Apple watch as Walkie-Talkie as well to connect with friends and the one whom you are in contact.

You can challenge someone to an Activity competition like running or walking or trek etc. and comparison among.

You can even track brand-new workouts, including Yoga and other similar exercise.

You can use the gadgets feature for news and other entertainment as well.

There are potential features from Apple Watch with the latest macOS 5. We will update them soon over here.

Tips: You can use the watch for calls other than afore-mentioned features.