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Star Wars Sphero Toys launched in India

Hope you had watched Star Wars movie and attractive Sphero personality or character in it. If you had forgot it then you can recall it now by seeing its photo over here. 

Star Wars Sphero Toys launches:

The High-End Robotic Toy Brand “Sphero” launched in India by Luxury Personified, a leading distributor of luxury electronics and accessories here.

The Sphero is a popular name among robotic toy lovers across globe and it is available to buy from the Indian market as well. If you wanted to know how to play with the Sphero Toys then find them here. 

The owner can control Sphero with their smartphone or tablet and engage in hours of fun. 

Sphero Mini is the world’s smallest app-enabled robotic ball. It can be driven around, used to play games, learn to code, and more.

Sphero models:

The Luxury Personified has launched two popular models of Sphero viz. Sphero Mini and Star Wars: BB-8. These are two of the most popular and top selling models.

Sphero Mini and Star Wars: BB-8 key features, technical specification, review, pros and cons etc. will be published in a different post soon. Time being you can check its price detail over here.

Sphero price: Star Wars: BB-8 Sphero is a premium model, priced at INR 11,000. The Sphero Mini is reasonably priced at just INR 5,000.

Tips: If you want to gift someone or kids then this is one of the best option which has potential fun to run with.