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How to earn from Mob Show quiz?

There is an app called Mob Show which comes in Android or other OS of the smartphone. The app is very simple to download and save it on your phone. 

The app works anytime but the quiz starts only at 4pm, 7pm and 9pm sharp daily, at the moment. They might change the schedule anytime but so far it is going well.

Mob Show - Live Trivia & GK Quiz with cash prizes:

When you install Mob Show app and started to play at 4pm then you will find comfortable with it. Yes, it is like a TV show for a while with some instruction for a minute or two then starts the 10 Questions with optional answers. 

You have to answer each one of them continuously within very few second. It is possible to answer by just tapping on one of them or correct one, and the right answer result will be displayed soon after.

How to win Mob Show quiz?

If you completed 10 answers correctly then you have possible to win the contest but remember there will be many participants or more than 20K participants on the same time. 

If 5K participants become winners (by answering all 10 questions promptly) then the prize amount of (INR 15k or 20k etc.) will be shared and distributed to all winners accordingly.

The participants has to submit their Paypal account and associated mobile number upon its sign up for payment transaction in case won. The winning amount will be received to winner's Paypal account within 5 working days.

The questions are reasonable and answerable. Many participating in the quiz contest and winning it. So, you can try and win as well.

You may download Mob show app for Android from the link given herewith

Mob Show is highest rated live quiz game show on Play Store. This is one of the best game to play or best quiz to play.

Tips: If you are planning to participate in the Mob Show quiz then try to download the app and follow the instructions carefully to participate and win it.