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EMUI 8.0 top tips and tricks

If you have recently bought a Honor 7x or Honor V10 smartphones that comes with the latest Android Oreo operating system then this is the page that will give you the most EMUI 8.0 tips and tricks. Please find the list of the EMUI 8.0 setting and tips that you can enjoy the features in those devices.

Top tips and tricks on EMUI 8:

The first one is, you can change the icon by touching top right side of the menu (home screen) of the Honor V10 smartphone, you will get an option at the bottom to change the size of the icon from home knol like 4/6, 4/5 etc. You can get notification setting as well in the same setting.

The next EMUI 8.0 tips is all about the things in the 'setting' option in the smartphone where you can get App 'Twin' feature. This EMUI will help you to get two same apps in one phone. It means, two WhatsApp you can use in just one phone.

Battery saver from EMUI 8:

The other tips is all about Battery saver which you can find it in the same setting. You will find battery saving mode and ultrapower battery saving mode, including resolution mode to save the battery. You can change the lower screen resolution to save the battery as well. Also, you can do battery optimization (by just one touch) without any hard work.

You will see few addition option under Display setting. You can change the color as per your choice. You will also have an option of eyeComfort mode where you can enjoy the phone in the night / dark as well without vision effect or eye fatigue. You will also able to see the color adjustment at the bottom on the same screen.

There is an option to change the Home screen setting as well or you can keep default setting too. There is another option within the same setting where you can set the 'full view display' for selected apps listed over there.

The 'Sound Effect' option also available in the same 'setting' option of the phone. The user can enjoy the sound's differently by using the headphone with this setting.

The 'Storage Cleaner' is one of the best option in this EMUI 8.0 where the user can clean unwanted stuff.

The 'message sending cancellation' option also the best part of it as sometime we wrongly send the message. So, the user can set it on message setting option to enable for cancel the message for five seconds. If the sent message is not cancelled within five second then the message will be sent as usual to the number.

The 'Security and Privacy' option is general one but it has an additional features like 'private space' wherein the user can create a part of space without accessing to the primary space. So, two different finger print or two finger print for two different spaces can be used.

The 'File safe' option also available in this EMUI where the user can save the files or photos or videos wherein no one can be accessed it unless fingerprint one.

There is 'App lock' feature as well where you can just scan your fingerprint then move to block the app. Each app is password protected so the user only can lock each app.

The 'Smart Assistant' is a normal feature in Huawei's device, so, it is really worth to use it. You can set 'Navigational buttons' from this one. There are few options for navigation which you can practically do it upon using them on how to navigate the phone etc. The system navigation option will guide you in a friendly manner upon using it including virtual navigation process.

One Handed UI is a common feature in Honor devices and you will find comfortable by using touch in just one handed to move ahead. Multi-window option also a nice one to go with.

The attractive feature is all about the 'Motion control' where the user can set it for various things including split screen and small scree-shot etc.

The another option is 'Voice call', this will give few option to adjust the voice call as per user's choice including answering call with voice control. The best one is Quick call features in it by using power off button pressing with sound and name pronouncing (as stored) which not always works but it works once in a while. The good one.

One of the best EMUI is Phone Manager where you can clean the phone quickly. There are few setting option as well where you can monetize based on the user's requirement.

There are many other options like theme setting, screen recording and on. There are many features which were not in EMUI 5.1 compare to 8.0. So, this one gives the best for those who wanted to use the View10 smartphone to a maximum level.

Hope you enjoy this post and please feel free to add your comment.