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How to enable dual Apps on default single App devices

How to use Dual Apps and run two WhatsApp or other dual app accounts on a single app device as default? Would you like to know how to do it like a clone on your Android smartphone? If yes, here you go.

Few smartphones like Moto G8 power lite etc. are not coming with the Dual App option nor any clone option which is really tough for Dual SIM and WhatsApp users to digest. Do you have the same problem? If yes, don't worry, you can solve it from the very same phone by downloading and using a dual app. How to do it?

Read it carefully and take the steps accordingly.

Open Google Play Store from your smartphone, type 'Parallel App' as shown on the below slide and download it, do remember, you should already have installed the first WhatsApp or required App earlier.

Install the Parallel App on your Motorola Moto G8 or G8 powerlite phones or similar issue on devices.

Open the App and Accept all required permissions.

You would find compatible apps with the double account, including your WhatsApp application. You can add more.

You have to click on the WhatsApp app to create a clone and allow you to connect second accounts on your phone. You're done. Follow the next instruction accordingly, like, enter the second number, OTP and on to set it.

You can do App's shortcut icon to your smartphone's home screen.

Hope this article helped you.