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Roposo's Shipstreak: End-to-end order management tool for e-commerce sellers

A cycle-path is nothing but the item is delivered to the customer using Bicycle in an economical way. Roposo, India’s leading creator-driven live entertainment commerce platform announced the launch of Shipstreak, a comprehensive order management solution designed specifically for Indian e-commerce sellers. 

It is powered by advanced data science and artificial intelligence technologies, Shipstreak offers brands and sellers the ability to streamline their operations end-to-end, resulting in a reduction of RTOs thus helping in boosting profitability.

Shipstreak, end-to-end order management tool for e-commerce sellers comes with the following features:

Key Highlights

    Shipstreak leverages AI/ML technologies to address major pain points for online retailers, such as RTO and COD conversion rates
    Existing partners have seen an impressive increase in profitability of up to 20% with Shipstreak
    Shipstreak aims to collaborate with 20,000 businesses across India by December 2023, enabling scale and profitability for e-commerce sellers

By enhancing the delivery process and post-order customer experience, Shipstreak is set to revolutionize the way e-commerce businesses operate in India.

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