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Sennheiser's TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker: Features and price

When you speak at home out of curiosity, the neighbor or passerby may hear your whole detail, sometime. The communication might be a personal or official one. If you would like to be a professional one then do few things. One of them is, use Microsoft Teams with Sennheiser's TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker that would enrich your business through sound, quality and unique features.

Sennheiser, the first choice for advanced audio technology that makes collaboration and learning easier, today (Feb 22, 2022) announced an intelligent speaker Certified for Microsoft Teams, the TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker.

The other things are, you can know more about them, as below!

Sennheiser's TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker features:

Video conferencing tools like Microsoft Teams have become the communication backbone for many businesses and education institutions.

With the TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker, Sennheiser is delivering a solution to support smart, focused and inclusive meetings for up to 10 people, whether participants join remotely or are in the room. 

It features an omni-directional speaker that covers a 3.5m radius and seven integrated beamforming microphones to achieve impeccable sound quality.

The Sennheiser TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker does not only provide excellent meeting room audio, but also unlocks the best speech technology. Only Intelligent Speakers offer the best speech transcripts.

No audio preparation, No laptop or Tab or Notes or Pen required.

Sennheiser's TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker price: INR 49,990*.