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SCHOTT high-performance glass enables vivo’s first foldable phone – the vivo X Fold

Sometime, fold make sense. SCHOTT sense is different from the other. The brand new vivo X Fold comes fully packed with specialty glass made by the glasslovers from SCHOTT. 

The phone’s foldable main display features glass from the SCHOTT UTG line-up that can bend hundreds of thousands of times after processing. 

The secondary display is protected by Xensation α, a high-performance cover glass with outstanding drop performance.

vivo is the world’s first smartphone manufacturer to feature our Xensation α cover glass in a smartphone.

Key features:

vivo’s first foldable phone features SCHOTT’s innovative flexible ultra-thin glass (UTG) and break resistant high-performance cover glass.

SCHOTT’s flexible ultra-thin glass from the SCHOTT UTG product family is part of the new flagship phone’s internal display; Xensation α (Alpha) cover glass protects its external display; and Xensation Up. protects its outstanding ZEISS camera optics.

The flagship smartphone continues the partnership between SCHOTT and vivo by combining three cutting-edge specialty glass products in one device.

Stay tuned for more update.