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LML joins hands with eROCKIT from Germany form JV to manufacture hyperbike in India

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LML Electric signed an LOI to form a joint venture with eROCKIT AG, the world's most disruptive electric hyperbike manufacturer, based near Berlin, in Hennigsdorf, Germany. 

If the parties agree on the JV between LML Electric and eROCKIT, the mass production of these Hyper Human Hybrids will be manufactured in LML’s facilities in India (the erstwhile Harley Davidson facility) and sold globally, including in India.  

Many exciting products will be developed together with eROCKIT using their exceptional R&D and technical expertise in this category for the global markets.

This development will have a major impact on LML's overall strategy as well as India's EV landscape, ushering in a new category in the two-wheeler space that has been waiting for some innovation and disruption for quite some time.

Stay tuned for more update.