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Electric Vehicles (EV): pros and cons

The world is slowly shifting from the Petrol / Diesel / Gas vehicles to EV (Electric Vehicles) and this is need of the hour for the environmental benefits beside cost effective for a long run and on.

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The more people looking for the EV to grab due to various reasons which includes less expensive when compare against the normal variant vehicles, attractive, performance and avoiding noise pollution etc. 

You can buy the Electric Scooters or Electric Cars easily these days. Many brands and options are available in the market.

Before going with the EV, it is better for you to know some basic things about them, like advantages and disadvantages of the Electric Vehicles.

Let us check what are the pros and cons of the Electric Vehicles (EV) in short.

EV (Electric Vehicles) pros and cons:

Pros of electric vehicles:

Energy efficient    
No or reduce emissions    
Less maintenance    
Less in price compare to Petrol / Diesel / Gas vehicles variant. Cost-Effective.
No Gas Required
Safe to Drive
Discount offers from Govt. / Brand for selected vehicles.

Cons of electric vehicles:

Electric vehicles can't be used for a long drive or rough terrain etc.
"Charging or Fueling" takes longer
Few vehicles are more expensive
Battery replacement (in future) would be very expensive
Less Technician around for its immediate solution for the repair.

Stay tuned for more update on EV.