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Few Non-branded iPhone charging cable can be...stealing...

iPhone users should be very cautious upon buying a new charging cable or using a non-branded charging cable for their device. Why is it so? A security researcher says 'the iPhone charging cable might have hidden chip and that might send all that is typed by you on iPhone.

What does it mean? It means nothing but someone remotely can steal your data including password and whatever you typed in to open a bank websites or social media and on.

Apple is well known for its tighten security on each device they releases. However, they have done their best but due to end user's carelessness or ignorance hacker's can get in into your iPhone for.

Sometime, we spend a lot for the device but trying calculate upon buying a charging cable for it due to the original one missed or damaged meanwhile.

Buying the cheap and best charging cable has no issue but the expert is withdrawing your attention on selecting the right one and avoid the chip hidden one for iPhone usage.

As a user, you may be the only cause for the data transmission from your phone on carelessness.

The researcher stated the charging cable name as 'OMG Cables'.

"Interestingly, the cables also come with “geofencing features” allowing users to “trigger or block the device's payloads” depending on where it is being used."

Hmmm. Please read this article one more time to understand it better to protect your iPhone and privacy.