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Acer's Servers and Workstations

Acer starts manufacturing high-performance Servers and Workstations in India. Acer, the global PC brand today (September 9, 2021) announced that it has taken its manufacturing capabilities to the next level by producing high-performance servers and workstations in India. 

If you are planning to buy Servers or Workstations anytime soon then this is one more best choice to go with.

The Altos Tower Server T110F5 and Altos Tower Workstation P130 F5 manufactured in Pondicherry factory are the products that are first of the blocks and there will be more to follow. 

The India Server Market is expected to grow at rapid pace due large-scale digital transformation initiatives at enterprise and government levels viz Smart cities Digitization of citizen services and more. 

The Servers and Workstations will form a critical backbone for varied use cases and with manufacturing now done in India.

Acer will be able to deliver custom solutions to enterprises and governments to fit the demands.

Stay tuned for more update.