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It's not some intimidating gadgets from a galaxy far, far away and made only for the elites of the tech elites.

If you are interested to know about the Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and on then read this article.

Virtual Reality (VR) is already changing how we work, play and everything in between. Here's a quick look at what VR can do for you right now.

HTC VIVE on VR, AR, MR and XR detail:

Virtual Reality: VR allows total immersion in a virtual environment with a headset that completely replaces the user’s view.

Augmented Reality: AR creates augmented elements to add to existing reality. Smart handhelds are the most common hardware for this medium.

Mixed Reality: MR merges real and virtual environments to create new visualizations where physical and digital objects interact.

Extended Reality: XR is an all-encompassing term that includes VR, AR, and MR.

These tech mixed up for as per tech industries' specific project requirement. As below;

Gaming Industry: Play to your heart's delight at a VR arcade.

Garment Industry: Apparel and Footwear giant completely streamlined its workflow with VR solutions.

Automobile Industry: Volkswagen launches VR demo experience.

Sports Industry: WIN Reality is changing the way baseball hitters train and prepare. 

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