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ITC Infotech's iTech 2016 Hackathon on AR and VR for start-ups and student

Are you looking for information on latest technology contest in India 2016 or ITC Infotech Hackathon contest 2016 Bangalore, India? If so, you are in the right page to get Infotech Hackathon Bangalore detail over here. Kindly read the entire detail to know about it.

ITC Infotech, a global scale full service provider of technology solutions, announced the second edition of its annual technology innovation & co-creation platform ‘iTech 2016’ on 13th July 2016 at Blogger’s event. However, the ITC iTech Hackathon event will take place at the ITC Infotech campus in Bangalore on 16th and 17th of July, 2016. If you are one of them who would like to go with latest startup opportunities in India then find its detail over here.

Marking a first this year for ITC, iTech 2016 will introduce a new segment called Showcase’, a unique platform designed to connect technology startups and their solutions directly to business users.

If you are looking for IT contest in Bangalore, India 2016 then check this detail. As a part of ‘Showcase’ from this event, shortlisted startups will get the opportunity to interact with business leaders & technocrats, and demonstrate their solution to them. This is one of the latest technology news from well-known ITC to go with. As a system integrator, ITC Infotech may partner and invest in helping startups further develop their solution, create a joint go-to-market and provide wider market access. This could be one of the most promising startups in India if you showcase your skills. This startup opportunity is for both, expert IT students and IT professions.

Another key feature this year is the 2-day hackathon on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), aimed at startups, professional developers and students. Perhaps, you would wonder what is AR / VR or what is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality? In such case, read this article to get some idea on this. Other than this, if you found one of the best techno kids around then you may help them out to reach the event location. All are welcome on said date / time. 

Parent may bring their techno kids to get some innovation idea also if not participated at this time in any project but to learn for the near future. The hackathon will be a 30-hour prototype building contest that will address crowdsourced business challenges from ITC businesses and ITC Infotech’s global customers. If you are searching for upcoming startups in India then find its detail. Also, it was one of the best startups in India 2015 too. Participants for the AR / VR Hackathon, perceived to be the technology of the future, can present their ideas across any of the following challenge areas:

ITC Infotech announces the 2nd edition of its flagship annual Technology Innovation & Co-creation Platform - iTech 2016

Key Highlights:
-         Introduces new segment for technology startups: SHOWCASE

-         To conduct a 2 day long hackathon themed around Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
*  Host a 30 hour prototype building contest aimed at addressing crowdsourced business challenges

-         Participants  to showcase their solutions and interact directly with business leaders and key ITC Infotech customers

-         Entry free competition with the opportunity to win prize money worth INR. 6,00,000

-         Participation is free & open to all. Register here:

Agriculture: Create a thriving ecosystem with intelligent pest management & control solutions. Guide farmers and farm workers in planning usage of fertilizers, pesticides and irrigation schedules for different crops and crop cycles.

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance: Solutions to make processes easier and radically improve customer experience.

Consumer Goods:  Create an immersive experience and transform the way consumers interact with products in store.

Education & Stationery Products: Entries should use AR/VR technologies to pique children’s interest in academic material, enhance learning with interactive puzzles and simplify understanding of ‘how things work’.

Hospitality: Entries should present solutions designed to revolutionize the way guests experience the hotel property, its amenities, deals & offers and other information.

Manufacturing: Solutions to guide on the correct course of action, change plant & equipment maintenance process, while saving time and money, or enhance training material, quality control and related areas. 

Retail: Enhance customer experience in online and offline shopping. Solutions to create virtual trial room or virtual fashion shows to present the new season and line.

Ms. Sushma Rajagopalan, MD & CEO, ITC Infotech, said, “Technology today is aiding transformational shifts in the ways business, governments, and societies function. Inventive technological thinking, married to agile decision making is critical to respond swiftly to the needs of business and society. With iTech 2016, we are bringing a unique opportunity to bright young technologists to showcase their design thinking and technology ideas, while interacting closely with the vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurs and business leaders of the future.”

With the immense success of IoT Hackathon at iTech 2015, ITC Infotech is geared up to offer best-in-class experience through iTech 2016, which will in turn allow participants to race against time and showcase path-breaking solutions which are market ready. The winners, first runners up and second runners up will be awarded a cash prize of INR. 3, 00,000, INR. 2, 00,000, and INR. 1, 00,000 respectively”.

About iTech 2016
iTech, an ITC Infotech initiative, is an annual technology innovation platform. The platform will focus on leveraging emerging and disruptive technologies to create business-ready solutions, for addressing some of the most challenging problems faced by the industry.

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About ITC Infotech
ITC Infotech is a specialized global scale full service provider of Domain, Data, Design and Digital technology solutions, led by a strong business and technology consulting focus. The company caters to enterprises in Supply Chain based industries (CPG, Retail, Manufacturing, Hi-Tech) and Services (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Airline, Hospitality) through a combination of traditional and newer business models, as a long term sustainable partner.

ITC Infotech is a fully owned subsidiary of USD 8bn ITC Ltd – one of India’s most admired companies.

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