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Acer Predator League India 2020 Winner / Runners

Acer, the market leader in PC gaming in India announced the winner of its 4th Edition of mega eSports Tournament Acer Predator League India 2020 where 16 finalists from PUBG PC, 4 Semi Finalists from Valorant, and that for Valorant for Woman competed against each other in their respective tournament.

Acer’s Mega eSports Tournament “The Predator Gaming League – India Finale” Concludes.

Along with PUBG, this year Predator Gaming League (PGL) also hosted Valorant making it a double thrill for the fans and players.

For the first time Predator Gaming League conducted an exclusive tournament for women gamers.

· “GaBRU eSports” emerge as the ultimate champions for PUBG PC at India Finale.

· “XTZ” won the title for the champions for Valorant at India Finale, and “Couldn’t Care Less” won the title for Valorant for Women. 

Acer Predator League is a landmark event that was the culmination long gruelling competition. While COVID-19 obligated the event to be held online, the matches were witnessed by thousands of gaming lovers and fanatics who witnessed some thrilling clash between the best teams from all across the country.

Fans watched the tournament on Acer’s social media handles including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. 

The popularity and acceptance of PUBG in India and the growth of fandom for Valorant has opened new doors of opportunity for gaming enthusiasts to showcase their skills.

The event was broadcasted on Acer’s social media and YouTube channels which were watched by thousands of enthusiastic fans from across India. 

Acer is the No. 1 gaming brand in India and their predator gaming line has earned countless industry awards and accolades for giving a competitive edge to gamers.