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Redmi 9 Power vs Samsung M11 vs Vivo Y20 vs Oppo A53 smartphones: Comparison

Redmi 9 Power smartphone is showing some of its power against few other brands' latest smartphones with more or less same specs and price ranges viz. Samsung Galaxy M11, Vivo Y20 and Oppo A53 phones.

Let us see how these phones are in real when compare to their specs, features and price etc., and if you are looking for Redmi 9 Power or Samsung Galaxy M11 or Vivo Y20 or Oppo A53 smartphones' comparison then this article would help you and read it thoroughly.


Let us start with the subject mobile phones' comparison with the price ranges first. The introducing price may vary after certain days, or a different outlet's discount offer or online shopping offers etc. and those are a different story, but these phones' introduction prices are, Redmi 9 Power starting price at INR 10,999 (for the  4GB+64GB), Samsung M11 price at INR 11,999 (for the  4GB+64GB), Vivo Y20 price at INR 12,990 (for the  4GB+64GB) and Oppo A53 also price at INR 12,990 (for the 4GB+64GB). 

Other than the price factor, we need to analyze other stuff in these gadgets as well. Yes, you are right. Their features, reliable, customer service, other tests like speed test, navigation, UI, gaming, heating, charging test and on. Anyhow, let us start with their chipset and hardware parts first before we move around for the software and other detail. Please note that this comparison is just based on paper specs and price.


Redmi 9 Power is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor, Samsung M11 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor, whereas Vivo Y20 and Oppo A53 both the phones powered by the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 processor with more or less same GHz speed except one.

All four smartphones are coupled with 4GB RAM memory. These phones are introduced with a different storage variant as well and prices accordingly. However, the starting range of these phones storage' are 64GB. You may get little less price on subject phones' by less in their storage (32GB) too.


The subject smartphones run on brand's own UI base Android 10 operating system except Samsung M11 that runs on UI + Android Pie OS.


There is a saying, first impression is the best impression. It applies to smartphone's display as well. So, each brand tries its best to introduce the phone with the best display features and design to grab the attention of the end user.

Slight dimension changes from above subject phones. Redmi 9 Power designed with 6.53" FHD+, Samsung M11 with 6.4" HD+, Vivo Y20 with 6.54" HD+ and Oppo A53 comes with 6.53" HD+ screen. Only one FHD out of these bright cell phones. Resoultion increased in one and less in others.

Redmi 9 Power and Vivo Y20 phones' have been designed with side finger-print scanner whereas Samsung M11 and Oppo A53 comes with finger-print scanner on rear.


Everyone loves to have a best 'camera result' from their phone either from photo or video and front or rear cameras. It is not guaranteed that the best pixel or best camera phone give you the best photo or dark mode or video shoot result. The budget phone camera might give you the best result sometime. It is case to case basis in few instant or the one who handle it the best in a finest atmosphere.

In this regard, the brand also trying their to best give the pretty nice camera and resolution to its customers in a competitive price. These four brands are doing the same.

Redmi 9 Power sports a 48+8+2+2MP quad camera in rear and 8MP camera for selfie, No likewise for the rest three due to triple camera in rear, for example, Samsung M11 sports a 13+5+2MP triple rear camera and 8MP front shooter, on the other hand, Vivo Y20 sports a 13+2+2MP triple rear camera and 8MP selfie purpose and Oppo A53 sports a 13+2+2MP triple rear camera and as a change 16MP front shooter to enrich the selfie result. Now you would know the camera detail of these mobile phones' to grab.


Redmi 9 Power equipped with 6000mAh battery with 18W charger support with type C USB, Samsung M11 armed with 5000mAh battery with 15W charger support with type C USB, Vivo Y20 equipped with 5000mAh battery with 18W charger support with micro-USB and Oppo A53 built with 5000mAh battery with 18W charger support with type C USB.

We have given brief comparison about these smartphones. We would add more points later.

Would you like to know different chipset smartphone with more or less similar features and price? If yes, Redmi 9 Prime is the one you can read about it.

Stay tuned for more comparison of the devices soon.