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Barco's innovative and transparent ecoscoring - ECO label

Barco, a global leader in professional visualization and collaboration technology, has developed the innovative and transparent 'ecoscoring', a comprehensive way to measure the environmental impact of products, for a sustainable ecosystem.

The comprehensive scoring scale covers different types of products- from medium-sized projectors to large LED walls, servers and medical displays and prioritises environmental sustainability and a healthy ecosystem for technology solutions.

Barco values transparency and as we know that in today’s time, there is no all-round scoring scale available that could cover different products lines- from medium-sized projectors to large LED walls, servers and medical displays.

This is why the company has come up with an objective tool which can grade the products line of Barco according to their ecodesign performance which will give the overview on environmental performance and encourages developers in Barco to make sustainable choices.

The ‘Barco ECO label’ mark is offered to the products that are at the top of the ranking and it allows evaluating the ecological footprint of its products in a quantifiable manner to be excelling as per the industry benchmark and must be energy efficient.

Barco has already shipped the first products with this label, including the 6MP diagnostic display, some ClickShare solutions and the Series 4 Projectors.

The all new Eco Labelled products encourages developers to make sustainable choices. The framework enables customers to validate a product’s ecoscoring, which is externally validated against the ISO 14021 standard.

Barco’s ecoscoring system is fully integrated into the product design process, with sustainable choices aimed at attaining a high ecoscore being incorporated at the beginning of the design phase.

Throughout the development process, the R&D segment incorporates ecodesign in its decision-making process and continuously improves the sustainability ratio of Barco products. 

The ecoscoring tool focuses on 4 domains that have the highest impact on the product environmental footprints.