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Lumiford 2.1 Stereo Subwoofer Dock: Features, specifications and price

Are you looking for the latest Subwoofer dock to enjoy the audio effect around? If yes, here is a good news for you. Lumiford, a well known brand that manufactures Speakers, headphones and subwoofer etc. has announced the Mini Lumiford 2.1 Stereo Subwoofer Dock with potential features in an affordable price. 

The Mini Subwoofer Dock device also comes with Bluetooth features and Alexa voice assistant integrated. It comes with handset (portable for around 10 meters) that can be detached from the main Subwoofer Docking system. 

The device comes with auto call pick up and hands-free call as well. It is all in all stereo with sub-woofer gadget.

Lumiford Subwoofer Dock features:

The gadget comes with as many features as the end user can enjoy it thoroughly. It is 26W output, true bass of 20w and inbuilt MIC. The customer can use U-Smart voice assistant app to control it.

The Subwoofer Dock is Bluetooth V4.2 enabled. The handset is detachable and can be taken out from subwoofer base and use it around ten meters distance. Overall the audio quality is fantastic in the mini sub-woofer. You can see its technical specs detail and price info below.

Lumiford Subwoofer Dock tech specifications:

Model: BT04
Type: Table top design
Dimension: 27.5x15.5x19.7cm
AUX mode: Yes, supports
Output: 26w
True Bass: 20w
Alexa: Enabled
Input: Multiple connect
Connectivity: Wireless
Call pick up: Yes, 10hrs talk-time
Bluetooth: V4
Battery: 1500mAh, Lithium Polymer
Weight: 1.85kg

Please note, Lumiford Subwoofer Dock can be bought to present a gift to your dear one as well.

Lumiford Subwoofer Dock price: INR 8999.

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