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HOGAR Controls product for Smart Home automation solutions - Smart Control

Are you planning to change your home or office from manual to automation as Smart Home or Smart Office anytime soon? If yes, read this article and it would definitely benefit you in many ways including quality products, lifestyle, modern, affordable and saving etc.

Hogar Controls (founded in 2015) by technocrats, delivering powerful solutions for residential, hospitality and commercial markets in a way that is simple, yet technologically advanced and aesthetically designed products. Hogar Controls sets up manufacturing plant in Hyderabad as well.

Hogar Controls combine cutting-edge technology and design aesthetic design to offer homeowners, retailers and professional integrators a range of products that are innovative, intuitive and stylish.

Hogar Controls calls this “SMART LIFE PHILOSOPHY”. It is at the heart of everything that Hogar does - whether it is their flagship all-in-one speaker-and-hub - MILO, or their range of SmartTouch panels. Make In India too. Smart control system for Home or Office.

Hogar’s offerings are designed as plug-and-play solutions that provide user-friendly control and can be customized to fit the needs of your home, office or hotel, like a glove.

Each Hogar product represents a shift in lifestyle technology which brings people closer to experiencing the best kind of life—the #SmartLife.

Hogar’s products fall under four categories:

SMART Series (Home Controller Pro; Home Controller Mini; The Pebble).

TOUCH Series (One Touch Panel; Multi Control Touch Switch – Launching Soon).

ENVIRO Series (IR Controller; 3 in 1 Insert Module; Fan Dimmer Insert Module; RGBW Insert Module).

SECURITY Series (Sensor Camera; Video Door Bell).

Hogar 6-in1 Touch Panel (PRIMA +):

The smart panel, with 6 touch buttons arranged in a rectangular order, features 6 touch switches for multi-functional requirements. The panel is additionally equipped with a light dimmer, a fan speed controller and a motion sensor. 

The glossy touch panel comes with a contemporary look allowing the users to wirelessly control all electrical appliances at home. Additionally, the paired devices can be controlled via smartphone and voice controlled via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant on supported devices via sensors.

Hogar 6-in1 Touch Panel Specifications:

Ease of installation without additional wiring.

Retrofit design makes the Prima+ fit into existing switch board without the need for additional wiring. 

Equipped with intelligent light sensor which enables the panel’s back light intensity to auto adjust depending on the level of the room light, adding an additional level of sophistication, elegance and ambiance to the room.

Hogar One Touch Panel:

1 Touch panel, relay or scene controller with load current of Max 5 Amps, IN standard 2 module gang box-compatible

Hogar One Touch Panel Specification:

1-10 programmable touch buttons.

Heat, humidity and shock proof design.

Detachable socket slot to choose any socket type.

Uniform dual back light with 2-way feed back.

Toggle / scene

Hogar 4+1 Touch Panel:

The Hogar Controls Touch Panel is beyond the stylish and smart alternatives to regular switchboards as they are a great addition to regular boring walls.

4+1 Touch Panels can be used to set customized actions, with four programmable buttons, a two-pin socket, and a USB. 

It is ideally meant for the bedside of a room as four two-way switches can be used either as relays or scene mode, USB to charge mobiles and tablets and an outlet for laptops & other electronic appliances.

This allows users to set scenes, control individual devices like fans, lights, relays, blinds, and any power appliances.  This is aesthetically designed and available in a variety of colors to blend effortlessly with any room’s décor.

Hogar The Pebble:

Pebble from Hogar Controls is a new wireless remote-control button that combines elegant design and functionality into a simple, personalized device to control everything in the home.

Pebble allows you to customize up to 9 scenes such as smart lighting, shading, thermostats, locks, and more with a single touch. 

The pocket-sized device with a small aluminium frame and a glass touch top cab be stick easily on any metallic, glass or wooden surface or carry around in your pocket. 

Pebble features customization that is unique for each user’s activity and easy-to-use with a single tap, Double tap or, Press & Hold.

Paired with any Hub, Pebble can be used as an add-on device to create additional control for Touch Panels as Prima+, Prima in various zones of a home.  

It is compatible with other Z-Wave devices and the energy efficient with a battery life of one-year under regular use.

Hogar Video Door Bell:

Equipped with night-vision support and motion detection features, the Hogar Video doorbell from the Security Series is a must-have if security and accessibility is your priority. 

The doorbell not only lets you keep an eye at your door from anywhere in the world, but also lets you integrate with your home’s security systems to trigger lock / unlock sequences remotely. 

Its 2-way audio capability means that you can not only view who’s at the entrance, but also hear and interact with them using the user-friendly HogarCam HD mobile app.

Hogar Video Door Bell Specifications:

Wireless connectivity.

Two-way audio; one-way video.

Audio input/output speaker: Speaker & Microphone.

Push notification updates on iOS and Android.

Hope this post helped you to shift your normal home or office to smart home or smart office anytime soon. Yes, high-end quality with saving your pocket as well.