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IT Developers sign up at iProPal for code project and get paid - Swissnex initiative

Are you an IT developer? Would you like to code for a project from client as freelancer and get paid from them? If yes, you are in the right place at the right time to get the wide opportunities.

There is a professional platform called iProPal where you can sign-up, try the code test validation from HackerEarth module, get enough score and acquire the suitable project from the listed clients there. Yes, you can do it if you are one of the below expertise.

Machine Learning and more.

Swissnex India has taken the initiative on this to give an opportunity to those IT Developers who can work from home or India for Swiss clients via iProPal platform. How to do it? Read this article for more detail.

You just need to sign up at iProPal and the rest can be taken care with the friendly guideline there itself. Would you like to know how to sign up iProPal? Please find its detail herein below;

How to sign up iProPal and HackerEarth?

Step 1: Visit it's official website

Step 2: Click on 'Apply as freelancer' button there. Also, click on 'continue' button for cookies to move. The next page will be opened.

Step 3: Enter your 'Email' address for confirmation.

Step 4: Enter your 'First and Last Name' in appropriate field.

Step 5: Type 'Password' and remember it.

Step 6: Select the choice whether you want to 'Work' or 'hire' freelancer. Hire option is for company.

Step 7: Select your 'Country' from dropdown option.

Step 8: Click on 'Register' button to register your profile. And, check your email link to confirm it.

Done. You have to fill the other detail on the same portal like, your expertise and all.

You need to go through the HackerEarth test module to get enough score to assess yourself against the project selected that would help you to get the suitable client.

Also, employer or startup or IT industry can post their jobs / project on iProPal portal to hire the freelancer or coder from any part of the world. 

Hope this info helped you. Please feel free to add your comment on the above subject if you have any doubt.