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WiFi dongle and Power bank for net connectivity on travel

Are you a traveler? Would you browse on travel from Smartphone or Laptop or Tab PC etc.? Are you fed up with data pack for net connectivity that works very slow or doesn’t work in some places? Are you facing any signal / tower issue on the way while using it? Is there any issue on data pack extra charges for net connectivity while roaming? If yes for all the questions or one of them then read this article which would help you to get rid from such issues.

There are couple of Telecom service providers sell WiFi Data card dongle for pre-paid and post-paid tariff to their customers and you can buy one of them per your travel and requirement. There are few telecom service providers sell the data card dongle with WiFi option that only helps for few states which you can ignore if you are travelling to many states across India. In such case, you may try with either Reliance or Airtel or Tata or BSNL WiFi dongle to get the signal / tower wherever you are in India.

How to use WiFi dongle on travel without charger?

You will get a charger with WiFi dongle which is helpful of course but there are few ideas if you don’t have charging plug nearby while travelling. First one is, you can use USB hub / port in the Car to connect WiFi dongle to get signal and browse through Smartphone or Tab PC or Laptop etc. If you are not travelling from car or other similar vehicle then you may use it with Power bank, as stated below.

The second one is, you may use Power bank port for WiFi dongle (as shown on the above image) to get WiFi signal wherever you are and browse it as usual. These are the best way to use WiFi dongle on travel for net connectivity. It is also within just one tariff plan which is more than enough and better than using separately for normal net connectivity dongle to computer and other data pack charges for Smartphone differently. Now, you may browse on travel by using the same WiFi Dongle and Power bank or car's USB port with the same level of speed. Enjoy browsing.

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