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How to take screen shot without Keyboard Printscreen button

Are you looking for information on how to take computer display or monitor content screen shot without Keyboard’s Printscreen button or key? If so, read this small article to get its detail and guideline. I was facing the same problem in my laptop of Print screen button or Print screen key malfunction. I was unable to do various related jobs for a long but after many discussions with friends and colleague, later I came to know that there is an option in computer itself (though I forgot 'on-screen keyboard') to do the task simply. This method helps me a lot to carry on my regular screen shot tasks.

There are three or more than three ways to solve the issue of Keyboard Printscreen button malfunction, or even full keyboard malfunction, three of them given below;

First solution for without Keyboard Printscreen button

Go to Start option (left side corner on the screen)

Type as ‘On-Screen Keyboard’ on Search option without quotation mark

You will get the On-Screen Keyboard result, click on it and use it as normal procedure for screen shot.

Likewise, you can use all the keys from there itself.

Second solution for without Keyboard Printscreen button

Go to Start option (left side corner on the screen, before that, you need be on exact screen which you are about to take a screen shot). After that, Type as ‘snipping tool’ on search option without quotation mark, click on the result shown. You will get an option as ‘New’, click on it (as shown in below image) and sketch the area that you wanted to take a screen shot and then save it in a MS Photo editor or other image editor software. Follow the normal procedure then. It is done.

Third solution for without Keyboard Printscreen button

Click on "Start" button
Click "All Programs"
Click "Accessories"
Click "Ease of Access"
Click "On-Screen Keyboard"
Click on "PrtScn"
Open your favorite picture editor and "Paste" on it. That’s it, follow the normal procedure then. Done.

Note: Other than this, the first point as state above is, that On-Screen Keyboard not only helps you for Print screen key but whole keyboards, so, any key or button issue your system have, then don't worry, you can use it effectively. Also, you may add comment below if you have any doubt or clarification on this.