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Music Mastana – sounds good

Human wants some entertainment as a break from routine life and its action, this entertainment is to overcome from a tense life around and to get a relax bit to go ahead again with a new energetic way. 

The entertainment from music source is generally suits for human in any generation or since many century. So, it applies to all. Do you agree?

The music is one of them that can change the track, chill out and entertain for few minutes or hours to come out from mental stress which the final and choices of sweet melody’s rhythm diverts all worries for human.

When I was in childhood, there was an option of radio where one can listen the music or song or news as per their pre-programmed and broadcasting, time to time. 

Other than news, most of them used to wait for one or other favorite songs as per their choice to come and listen. Once people were attracted and were with high level of fever of rock when Michael Jackson’s trend was over a period of time.

The same music came in a different form with different group in a different performance along with different trends too. The stages and groups were attracted by its fans worldwide. 

It was no distinguish between nationalities or color or race among band lovers. The history of the music is since many centuries even though we know and experiencing them in our generation. It has a big story, of course.

Nowadays, the child always like to listen something to entertain himself / herself in a different world. They used to listen, mug up, sign, act and sing etc. solely. The teen and young chap never forget to take earphone to engage himself with the sounds. 

Whatever it could be, the personal entertainment and peaceful calm situation for few seconds or minutes or hours are very important for the individual which a person can easily get from Music alone. Nevertheless, it may sometime let us dizzy too if it happen to listen for a long time or beyond the limit.

There were many gadgets released for play and listening the music which attracted many worldwide and became business too beside its huge demand. There are still many devices coming just to use the source of audio and video. I heard that there were gramophone type in the beginning to listen music and songs. 

The technology was slowly developed to change the device from gramophone to tape recorder or radio. It was later on changed so many different things like cassette player to compact disc and then finally either iPod or similar device and Pen drive with MP3, MP4 or VLC etc. You would find the audio stuff in car as well.

It is sure that, whatever technology grows and latest device comes for the entertainment and songs associated, the music and its lover won’t decrease easily. Increase its popular and lover instead.

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