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Cabasse / Alphatec - The Pearl Myuki

Cabasse, launches in India, Collaborates with Alphatec to Introduce THE PEARL MYUKI, A Luxury Audio System, to Indian Consumers.

Cabasse, an iconic French brand leader in the High-Fidelity acoustics market, announces its strategic partnership with Alphatec, a leading distributor of professional audio and video equipment in India. 

This collaboration marks Cabasse's entry into the rapidly growing Indian market, poised to redefine the luxury audio experience for discerning Indian consumers.

Along with this, Cabasse has further announced the introduction of its new luxury audio system - THE PEARL MYUKI in the Indian market. This new model represents portable luxury as a battery-powered, connected, ultra-compact, and elegant high-resolution active speaker. 

The product boasts high acoustic performance and incorporates top-notch technologies found in high-end Cabasse systems, providing users with quality sound both at home and on the go.

THE PEARL MYUKI by Cabasse sets a new standard in portable audio with its impressive features. Delivering peak sound levels of 103 dB in mono and 109 dB in stereo, it ensures a captivating listening experience. 

With a wide bandwidth of 30 to 23,000Hz and equipped with a Dôme 45 medium-tweeter and two 12 cm woofers, it offers balanced, detailed sound. Versatile connectivity options include Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, a 3.5 mm jack, USB-C, and SPDIF optics, supporting various devices. Supported formats encompass MP3, WAV, AAC, and more.

Advanced features like automatic calibration and High-Resolution Multiroom functionality enhance user experience. Compact and lightweight, measuring 186 x 174 x 180 mm and weighing 2.1 kg, it's designed for portability. Complete with a custom carrying bag, it's the perfect companion for indoor and outdoor listening.