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SenseAI Startup Survey Highlight AI's Transformative Impact and India's Starring Role

SenseAI Ventures, a leading AI fund, announced the launch of a whitepaper, "Artificial Intelligence: Beyond the Hype," and the results of a survey of Indian AI startup founders. 

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The whitepaper explores crucial topics such as AI's progress in 2023, its tangible effects on industries, the layered AI technology stack, novel research directions, and adoption models, serving as a roadmap for understanding AI's current and future trajectory. 

This analytical piece, contributed to by SenseAI's Managing Partner, Rahul Agarwalla, among others, offers a nuanced view into the practical impact and future direction of artificial intelligence across various sectors.

The whitepaper highlights that $17 billion was invested by big tech (Nvidia, Microsoft, Google, AWS) into foundational AI models, while $50 billion worth of GPUs were sold in 2023. 

This massive investment in AI infrastructure is expected to drive explosive growth in AI applications in the future, similar to how investments in physical infrastructure like roads and airports lead to economic growth.

To complement the whitepaper, SenseAI also conducted a comprehensive survey of around 100 startup founders in India who work in the AI space. The survey findings provide valuable insights into the current state and future prospects of AI in India. 

One of the key revelations is that SaaS (Software as a Service) has emerged as the dominant business model among the surveyed startups, indicating a growing preference for cloud-based AI solutions. 

The survey also highlights a moderate demand for customized AI solutions among the clients of these startups, suggesting an increasing recognition of AI's potential to address specific business needs.